Recommended tools

Kai Kashefi - October 02, 2022

1 min read

Recommended tools


This is where we will share our curated list of open & closed source tools, along a list of our affliated partners. We are only sharing tools that we have used, rely on and can vouch for. We will be updating this page as we find more tools that we can recommend.

Tools we use

HomebrewmacOS package managerHere
Alt-TabWindows alt-tab on macOSHere
RaycastAn advanced, customisable spotlight for macOSHere
RectangleWindow snapping for macOSHere
Iterm2Terminal alternativeHere
figPlugins and autocomplete for terminal applicationsHere
PowertoysEnhanced user functionality for WindowsHere
GAMGoogle Workspace administration via CLIHere
GAMADV-XTD3Builds on top of GAM with additional functionalityHere

Affiliate partners